Disabling Windows 8 Edge Gestures

If you are deploying the My Axis Point of Sale application on a tablet, and wish to disable the edge 'swipe' gestures to prevent people from accessing the operating system while the POS is active, follow these simple instructions; however, as a disclaimer, this is modifying the registry, and if you aren't completely comfortable with it, please consult a professional as one false move can render your tablet a brick:
  • Open a command prompt as administrator and type 'regedit'
  • Navigate to the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ImmersiveShell\EdgeUI] registry key.
  • Change the 'DisabledEdges' value to 0x0f (or 15) to disable ALL edge gestures.  If this value doesn't exist, create a new dword registry value with the 'DisabledEdges' name.
Additionally, you can use the following values to disable specific gestures:

0x01 - Disable the left edge input and app switcher gesture.
0x02 - Disable the right edge input and charm bar gesture.
0x04 - Disable the top edge input and top application bar gesture.
0x08 - Disable the bottom edge input and bottom application bar gesture.

To combine disables, simply add them together (i.e. disable left and right, set the value to 0x03).

In Windows 8.1:

Create a new key named EdgeUI under the ImmersiveShell key. Under EdgeUI, create a new DWORD value, name it DisableCharmsHint, and set its value to 1

To also disable the app switcher hot corner, create another DWORD value, name it DisableTLcorner, and set its value to 1

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