Tricking a Generic/Text Only Printer To Be ESC/POS

There are times where you have a printer that you know works, but simply cannot find the right printer driver to make the printer function correctly.  One of the most common ways to get around this issue is to simply assign the native Microsoft Generic/Text Only driver to the printer - but it doesn't come without a cost.  The Generic/Text Only driver typically will not honor the ESC/POS printer commands if the content sent to the printer is an image or typical document - you can test this by simply running the print test page command; without the proper settings, the cutter won't activate.  To overcome this issue is simple, if you leverage the 'Printer Commands' printer property page, and put in these settings:

Begin Print Job: <1B><21><00>

End Print Job: <1D><56><42><00>

More settings can be available, but generally the most common available codes are:

Large Print Font: <1B><21><10>

Normal Print Font: <1B><21><00>

Activate Cutter: <1D><56><42><00>

If these codes don't work, try adding <0D> to the end as well - some printers require this as a command terminator.

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