What happens if my POS loses Internet Connectivity?

Not to worry.  The only impact to the My Axis Point system will be that customers will be unable to redeem rewards or cash back/gift card balances; however, their ability to earn rewards will remain unaffected, so they will still get credit for their purchases during this time.  

The My Axis Point system has been designed to still capture receipt data and correlate any card to the receipt in the event the connection to the Internet is lost.  This data is saved locally on your POS until your maintenance window, usually between 4am to 6am local time, is reached.  The My Axis Point system will then attempt to retry sending the data to our servers during this time - if it fails again, it simply remains on your POS until Internet connectivity can be established during this time.  In the event the timing for this maintenance window does not work for your business, simply contact support with the appropriate window where your business is often either slow or closed.

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