My card has been lost or stolen. How can I protect my rewards?

We understand that a lost card with balance or rewards on it can be very stressful, and spending time in a revolving door of phone or email support to take action only adds to the stress.  That's why the My Axis Points rewards card come with a protection switch, available only to you.

Simply sign in to the My Axis Point website, and enter the My Account screen (under the gear or wheel at the top right).  At the top right of your My Account screen you will find a My Card section - locate the 'disable card' link and click it.  Once your card is disabled, the link will change to 'enable card' and a confirmation message will appear.  This should only take a few seconds.

While a card is disabled, it can't be used to redeem rewards; it can only be used to earn rewards.  So, if you discover your disabled card while visiting your favorite participating My Axis Point businesses, you can still use it to earn rewards for your purchases.  Once you have re-enabled the card, all of your existing and new rewards will be available at your next purchase.

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